Manual Social Bookmarks

Think of the word manual, and undoubtedly you think of a job done by human hand, be it from driving to repair work to electrical equipment that needs some kind of human intervention.

At White Label Links, we are justly proud of that human touch, as it is that dedication, focus and drive that ensures that we don’t just link with anybody, we always link with somebody. By taking time to research the best opportunities that exist on the web for your business, we know that it will lead to results that will make a difference.

Social bookmarking may be a fairly recent marketing revolution, but its potential is vast, with a world-wide audience just waiting to be tapped into. We take time to find the sites that attract not only volumes of visitors, but the type of visitors that will be genuinely interested in what you are selling, be it product or service, meaning that there is a far greater chance of them discovering your site by their own choice, as well as the bookmarking positively affecting your ranking position.

White Label Links believe that by taking time to analyse and fully explore potential sites from an experienced commercial viewpoint, the best results are gained, meaning that your marketing budget is spent wisely and demonstrates value for money via proven results. In a world where every penny counts, accountability for actions are ever more important, and by trusting your manual social bookmarking services to us, you can be assured of results that will impress.


  • Social Bookmarks
  • Hand picked sites
  • Manual submissions
  • Unique descriptions
  • Industry specific
  • Fast turnaround
  • Authoritative sites
  • Trust associated sites
  • Not network sites
  • Naturalised backlinks
  • Quality Approved sites



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