We all like to absorb information in a way that makes it easy to understand, and the use of picture sand images is undoubtedly a clear method of conveying facts in a way that is both pleasing to the eye and provides all you need to know in one precise place. And when you are promoting a brand, clarity is key.

White Label Links will take the business Infographic and source relevant infographic sites on which to place it, thereby introducing the brand to a whole new potential client base as well as increasing its reputation. Not only does this provide a new source of potential business, but it also creates a valuable linkage source. By linking the Infographic back to the client’s website, there is an increase in website traffic, an improvement in SEO, the client’s brand gains a new promotion outlet and there is an increase in brand perception as it is seen as both a valuable resource as well as a business that cares about how it is portrayed to its customer base. Infographics are also easy to share between social media sites such as Pinterest and Google Plus, creating a source of promotion that self-
perpetuates without a business having to do a thing!

We realise that Infographics have huge potential, but only if dealt with with the respect a brand deserves. We concentrate on sourcing only high quality sites to share information with, so you can rest assured that a business’s reputation will only be accentuated when you trust us with your Infographic projects.

As this is a bespoke service please contact us today to discuss prices and options.

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